Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review of easelly: A Great Product to Make Free Infographics

When I was looking for a way to make free infographics for my website,, I researched many different programs online. The one I eventually chose was easelly (note that this is not a paid product endorsement). The name “easelly” is a creative play on words because the program makes you feel that you are working on as easel, it helps you easily make free infographics, and it is also the name of the website as you can see by clicking here.

As the site indicates, nearly 1 million people have created 1 million infographics using the program. Registration is free and easy, although you actually do not even need to register to get started. All you have to do is click on one the templates they have and this brings you to the design easel.

I’ll take you through an example of how I created one of my infographics quickly and easily. Here is part of the template I chose to work on.

As you can see, the entire template does not initially fit on the screen, which some may find annoying, although you can shrink it. It’s really not a problem. In the center, you see a cup of coffee, but I don’t want that because I am going to make an infographic on the brain. So all I do is click on the coffee section and it highlights the picture with a blue box, like this:

Then go to the menu bar on the top of the page and click the garbage can on the left:

This deleted the image. Now the image is gone as you see here (I also removed the leaves with the same process):

You will see above that I also clicked on the word “types” which you can then replace by typing in any word you want. Or you can simply delete it if you don’t want it (e.g., I removed the blue ribbon, which you will see below).  You can modify the text by clicking on the bold, italics, underline, and shadow buttons that you see, just as you would in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

Now I want to add a picture of a brain. Turns out, I have a picture in mind that I want to add that is saved to my hard drive.  Just click “Upload” and you will be prompted on how to browse your drive and select the image file you want to add. Then just drag it to the area on the easel where you want to place it. You can easily resize it by dragging the corners of the image. So the combined image and text modifications I made now looks like this:

You will see that I added my website address. One problem is that it will not show up as a clickable link but this is supposed to be a feature in the future.

If you don’t have an image you can use, then you can select from a wide variety of pictures that easelly has available for you. Just click “Objects” which brings up a menu on the top left, like this:

Then click one of the many image areas. For example, click “animals” and you can choose from a wide array of animals like this:

These are fairly basic images but if you want a more extensive selection, you can pay a small fee ($36.00 a year) for the Pro version of easelly. This will give you access to thousands of more images and dozens of new templates.

You will see in the brain picture that I changed some of the lines to red which point to different areas of the brain. That’s also easy to do. Just click the line and then click the color button up top like this:

Just click the color you want and the change is made.

All I had to do for the rest of this infographic is to edit the circles by changing the text inside of them and the size. Just click on the object to make such changes. If you want to make another copy of the same object, just click the object you want to copy and hit “clone” and the object (surrounded by the blue box) is copied like this:

So once I did this, I then just had to click and drag the images around the screen to get the spacing I wanted. The final product can be seen by clicking here, which was posted to the MedFriendly Blog.

You may find that you like the template but want to change the background. No problem. Just click the Background button and a variety of backgrounds come up to choose from like this:

You can also add charts by clicking the Charts button.

The program lets you save your projects and open them up later. So, no need to do everything in one sitting. It also has a feature to easily share the images via a shareable link or embed code although you can also save the infographics as image files to your hard drive and share them other ways if you would like. Overall, I really enjoy this product, plan to continue using it (such as here), and encourage you to give it a try.

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